Who is DreCo

DreCo means Dresden Cotta and a little bit of DrehCondensator(component from radio technology) is also in the name. We are a "mobile self-help workshop for mobile things", i.e. we are guests in the New People's House for the (usually regular) event and are happy to help you free of charge with your repair of the object you brought with you. We attach great importance to joint repairing - we are the helpers in the process of repairing.

We are Alex, Daniel, Falk, Frank, Ines, Marion and Rainer and we will help you with the repairs in our spare time.

Who brings desire and manual skill with itself can try gladly with us. Our team is looking forward to new members. With more good forces we can help even more people.

Workshop equipment

Our small but mighty workshop has a number of important tools and equipment that make successful repairs possible.

Here are some examples:

- stable workbench with vice
- screwdriver sets in many versions (also long ones)
- soldering stations, also for smallest soldering
- cordless screwdriver

- Jigsaw
- bench grinder
- laboratory power supplies
- measuring and testing equipment and many more.

For long-term repairs we also offer the possibility of storage.