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The former Kulturhaus, also known as Richard-Gärtner-Haus, waited many years to open its doors to the public again. To this end, the city of Dresden, as the owner, put the property at Hebbelstraße 35b out to tender for a ground lease through a concept award process . A jury selected the submitted concept of Konglomerat e.V. in summer 2019. Since then, a volunteer team of Bürger:innen has been working under the association structure of Konglomerat e.V. to reopen the house as a cultural and creative center.

The three pillars of the house unite:

  • For a strong neighborhood: drawing workshops, garden parties or simply a space for drinking coffee together - What the neighborhood needs finds a home in the New Volkshaus Cotta.
  • A heart for creative productions: We create a flexible working environment for creative professionals, social service providers and artists - as affordable as possible.
  • Room for the future: In order to create something new, there needs to be room to try and fail. This can and may happen in the New Volkshaus Cotta.

in 2019, Konglomerat e.V. applied for the concept award procedure for the Volkshaus in Cotta, with the prospect of a leasehold on the building for at least 35 years. The association was also awarded the contract - cool! And then came many, many tasks: Submitting a building application, guaranteeing fire protection and accessibility, collecting funds for the conversion, founding a sponsoring cooperative, etc., etc. - that's all a lot, especially for a volunteer team.

That's why a new path was taken at the end of 2019. Together with the city of Dresden, it was negotiated to reopen the house initially in a pilot phase for three years - The New Volkshaus on a temporary basisthe lease agreement is in place, the construction work is (almost) completed and the network is growing! On 01 March 2023 we have started operations.

Status: 05/2023

We are open! Since 01 March 2023 we are allowed to realize public events in the house. And also the first commercial tenants have moved into the back part of the house. All major construction work has been completed, but work is still going on in this and that corner. So, don't complain if it's dirty, but ask: "Where can I lend a hand?"

All interested & committed people meet once a month. In the "Großplenum" the different AGs exchange their ideas and plans. Come and join us!

Konglomerat e.V. is the project sponsor, i.e. the association bears responsibility for the project.

Since July 2022, there are two part-time employees. They take care of the expansion and community management:

  • Sarah Urban:
  • ... is coming soon ... the 2nd new employee

In addition, there is a group of volunteers who organize events, establish contact with the neighborhood or simply lend a hand wherever there is something to be done. Our cooperation is based on the fact that everyone does what they are good at!

Within the framework of the leasehold, the operator of the house will be a cooperative founded specifically for this purpose. This will be built from mid 2023, foundation is only in 2024 - the Neue Volkshaus eG

Since April 2022 it is certain: The Volkshaus will become a cultural and neighborhood center for Dresden. As a result, we received a large grant from the state capital.
This financed the remaining expansion and staff positions for construction planning & community management from July 2022 to February 2024.

In the long term, we want to re-finance our basic costs from the rental of premises to cultural and creative industries and external event organizers.

Furthermore, we need donations and contributions for basic costs, events and contingencies.

You would like to donate? Gladly to this account:

Konglomerat e.V.
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We will gladly issue you a donation receipt. Just write a short mail to: