Our commercial tenants:inside

The rear section of the Neues Volkshaus Cottas is home to artists and businesses from the cultural and creative industries.

  • Victoria Gentsch, visual artist | www.victoriagentsch.com
  • Katja Seyfarth, ceramicist | www.katjaseyfarth.de
  • Marre Schindler, ceramist
  • Lutz Stein, event technician
  • Matthias Willomitz, sound engineer
  • Manuela Stein
  • Selin Acarbas

Brief information about the tenants:inside

I live and work in Dresden since 2015, I grew up in Hagen am Teutoburger Wald. I am an independent photographer and visual artist with a focus on sculpture, installation and performance. I am interested in voids in which I see artistic agency and themes of material and performative care. in 2021 I finished my diploma in sculpture at the University of Fine Arts in Dresden and am currently a master student with Prof. Monika Brandmeier. For more info: www.victoriagentsch.com & www.materialmatters.online

Since the spring of 2023 I have my studio in the New People's House Cotta.

Hello. My name is Marre Schindler.
I am a ceramicist, and also work with other materials such as wire in combination with ceramics.

My work pieces are created on the wheel or are built up. They are part of a small series for daily use or artistic unique pieces.

Currently, I often work with the color YELLOW.

You can find me on Instagram: @scharre_mindler - Instagram photos and videos

Selin Acarbas, visual artist | www.selinacarbas.com

Growing up in Hamburg and studying in Dresden at the HfBK Dresden since 2016, I graduated in 2023 with a diploma in Fine Arts and am currently a master student of Prof. Nevin Aladağ.

In my artistic work, I create installation spaces, video works and performances with ambiguous images that unfold associative dynamics in interaction. Surfaces that appear clear, familiar and comprehensible rest on ambiguous resonance spaces. Whether themes of power, control over people and nature, self-deception or invisible suffering: I am mainly interested in moments that surprise me and are difficult to dissect rationally.