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Here comes info on the artists:inside and co. who rent in the back of the New People's House Cottas.

Brief information about the tenants:inside

I live and work in Dresden since 2015, I grew up in Hagen am Teutoburger Wald. I am an independent photographer and visual artist with a focus on sculpture, installation and performance. I am interested in voids in which I see artistic agency and themes of material and performative care. in 2021 I finished my diploma in sculpture at the University of Fine Arts in Dresden and am currently a master student with Prof. Monika Brandmeier. For more info: www.victoriagentsch.com & www.materialmatters.online

Since the spring of 2023 I have my studio in the New People's House Cotta.

Hello. My name is Marre Schindler.
I am a ceramicist, and also work with other materials such as wire in combination with ceramics.

My work pieces are created on the wheel or are built up. They are part of a small series for daily use or artistic unique pieces.

Currently, I often work with the color YELLOW.

You can find me on Instagram: @scharre_mindler - Instagram photos and videos