Tango Practica with Anne and Ronny

Why is tango so popular all over the world? It's an embrace that you can dance. It is pure communication! Connecting with people in this way is simply beautiful and incredibly enriching. There are tango enthusiasts in almost every major city in the world. Anyone who has tango is at home anywhere in the world!

Learning this language takes practice and time. Therefore: Practica comes from practicar = to practise. In Buenos Aires there are numerous practicas where dancers meet to practise. Now in Dresden too! A beautiful "caminata" (caminar = to walk) needs: a lot of practice! On the way to improvisation and musicality it takes: a lot of practice! We support you on the way to your tango.

All those who are curious and want to get to know tango are welcome, as well as those who are already tango enthusiasts.

How much does it cost? We are happy about a donation!

When? Thursdays, 8 - 10 p.m.

Contact: ronnyfeuer@gmail.com, Tel: 0151 14452827