I would like to rent the New People's House


Rooms for creative professionals & service providers (trade)

Situated in the heart of Cotta, Konglomerat e.V. offers a cream slice of workspace for people from the cultural and creative industries (CCI), social organizations or educational work.

On 350 square meters within the old walls of the Neues Volkshaus, we are creating a flexible working environment with the innovative power of a cultural and creative industry hub, enhanced by five aspects

  • User-led development,
  • understood as an integral part of the neighborhood,
  • with tools and work areas for smaller productions directly in or around the building,
  • accessible and co-designable offers for residents,
  • as a spatialization of future culture, with a focus on sustainable change, new work and learning of the future.

At the Neues Volkshaus Cotta, you will find the essence of New Work: it is diversity! It is mixing. It is an encounter with other skills, opinions, age groups and backgrounds. It is community. And there are opportunities that arise through the joint process around the equipment, the space and the means of production. In such a setting, individual work can pulsate. Value is created - both financial and beyond.

We do NOT rent out for PRIVATE events!
For your private parties, please contact the Feiermanufaktur,
which is located in the building next to us!

120 square meters of space, daylight on the north, west and east side through really many windows, with barrier-free access from the inner courtyard - delivery to the doorstep possible! This is our LOFT. Designed as a multifunctional workspace, the LOFT is the core of our spatial flexibility. A co-working space for artists has been created here.
Are you looking for a place to work? Get in touch with Jana: jana@konglomerat.org

Nestled in the front, public area of the building, is the "good parlor". Here you can rent flexible desk workstations. The "gute Stube" is also very suitable for weekly consultation times (e.g. social services) with public visitor traffic. It is barrier-free accessible.

Im Atelier ist die Keramikwerkstatt von Katja Seyfarth und Marre Schindler eingezogen. 

Someone is currently renting here.

Converted into a studio for Victoria Gentsch.

STORAGE number 7 is already rented, in number 6 is currently still construction site.
GARAGEN: if interested, please inquire.

Rooms for public events

Whether for chess afternoons, readings, bingo evenings or flea markets - the hall and the garden offer possibilities for many ideas.

Rent & Conditions

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Info will be available here soon as well.

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