I would like to offer something for the neighborhood

Photo: Victoria Gentsch

Game afternoon, reading circle, recipe exchange - or something completely different? The New People's House Cotta is a place where everyone can try something new.

You have an idea for an offer you would like to implement? Then have a look at the expression of interest & send it to sarah@konglomerat.org.
You are not sure yet or have questions? Then just send us an email or come by the neighborhood café (Fridays, 15:00 - 17:30)!

The offers in the New People's House Cotta are implemented by the people for the people. That means: if you have an idea for an offer and submit it to us, then you are also ready to implement it.
You are welcome to seek support and we are also happy to help you find interested parties. We can also help you to apply for funds (e.g. at the city council of Cotta) - but in the end it is your offer and you take the responsibility.