Hints for the disposal of irreparable things

If the item is actually still usable, but you want to get rid of it, please use online portals such as http://www.kleinanzeigen.de or http://www.nebenan.de to give the items away. There's bound to be someone else who can put it to good use. The attempt is worthwhile in any case.

If the defective item could not be repaired, it should be disposed of properly.

Particularly in the case of electrical appliances, care should be taken to ensure that they do not end up in dubious channels and then perhaps end up in a landfill site in Africa to be "recycled" under terrible conditions.

Before disposing of defective equipment, please cut off the power cord to make it clear that it is e-waste and not a "used device" that can be "exported". Additionally, this prevents hazards from further use of the defective device.

In Dresden, there are several recycling centers that accept defective items.

Small electrical appliances (edge length up to 25 cm) can be handed in free of charge at any dealer with a total sales area of 800 m² or more who offers (even occasionally) electrical appliances.

The nearest drop-off point can generally be found on this website.